Welcome to iSingWorship

The easy to use iSingWorship app allows you to lead worship with incredible flexibility and musicality, it’s just like having your own very experienced backing band complete with automatic lyric display!

“I'm really impressed with the iSingWorship app...it's a brilliantly thought-out new tool for worship musicians."

(Matt Redman)

“iSingWorship is a brilliant and creative resource for worship leaders and churches...particularly exciting for people who are keen to lead worship but don’t have the musicians and resources to do so regularly.”

(Tim Hughes)

*     Highly flexible: Naturally flow into any part of the song while the music plays

*     Vocal volume control: For leading worship with live vocals

*     Acoustic guitars on/off: For leading worship with live guitar

*     Automatic lyric display: For output to large screens, TVs or projectors

*     Inspirational backgrounds: Included FREE!

*     Key change: Each song can be played in a choice of 7 keys

*     Playlists: Create and store a set list in advance of your service

*     Chord display: Show chords on your device and/or external screen

*     ‘Unplugged’ feature: Ideal for smaller groups

*     Arrangements: Store and recall your own custom versions of songs

*     FREE download!: From Apple’s App Store (2 free song previews also available)

*     Purchase further songs: Only $2:99 each